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Dr. Reitzen is double board certified in both otolaryngology and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. This may include disorders of the ear (hearing loss, ear infections, etc.), nose (sinus infections, allergies, nasal infections, nasal breathing issues, etc), and throat (throat pain, throat infections, swallowing issues, etc). Dr. Reitzen also treats disorders that may involve the skin and neck. A thorough evaluation is performed by specialized tools in the examination room. Most of these issues are treated medically or with minor procedures within the office setting.

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Many ENT disorders require a more extensive treatment plan, which may eventually include procedures or surgery performed in an operating room. Dr. Reitzen will help you to understand your diagnosis and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan. Among Dr. Reitzen’s top procedures include septoplasty, nasal reconstruction and sinus surgery, including balloon sinuplasty.

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