Rhytidectomy (Facelift)


Facialplasty is the quintessential cosmetic surgery procedure offering patients the ability to regain the sharp facial contours and outlines that are identifiable with youthfulness. Sagging of the skin under the neck is usually the first sign of aging (occurring typically in your 40’s), followed by the appearance of the jowls (deep cheek folds). Using incisions placed in natural shadows and contours in front of and behind the ear, your plastic surgeon can tighten the facial and neck musculature and remove excess sagging skin. Newer procedures are designed to tighten the muscles separately from the tightening of the skin to prevent the appearance of the “over done” or “wind tunnel” look. This procedure is met with a high degree of patient satisfaction and can offer long lasting results. Fat injections may additionally be added to increase the volume of the cheeks and help smooth out contour irregularities.

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